Probate & Trust Litigation

A. Daniel Bacalski, Jr., APC is known for our numerous successes in handling probate, trust, and inheritance disputes. If you are struggling with an inheritance or trust problem, we can help you. We handle all of the following situations:

  • Problems recovering trust assets
  • Disputes involving executors and trustees, including successor trustees for living trusts
  • Children, spouses, and other persons omitted from wills
  • Forged wills
  • Wills that were changed, amended, or added to with codicils as a result of interaction between an heir or beneficiary and the deceased person
  • Problems with title to real estate, stocks and bonds, and other assets
  • Problems with rights under living trusts or other trusts, including administration and distribution disputes
  • Problems with creditors of the deceased, or other persons making claims to the assets of the deceased
  • All other will, trust, and inheritance claims

Our probate and trust litigation team is led by trial attorney A. Daniel Bacalski, our managing partner, who is highly experienced in inheritance and trust litigation. Assisting him is well-known probate and trust attorney John Adler, who is of-counsel to our firm.

We accept and encourage referrals of cases from estate planning attorneys, accountants, and the trust departments of financial institutions, and can provide advice as to the merits and potential for success of all estate and trust disputes.

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If you need skilled legal assistance with a probate, trust, or other inheritance problem, please call us for an appointment with an experienced attorney.

New clients and inquiries are welcome. We can be reached by telephone Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please contact us by email at misha@adbapc.com or telephone us at our office location for an appointment with an attorney. We look forward to assisting you.